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and women entering the Industry

Imagine; Where does your mind go when you hear the phrase "home away from home?"


home away from home
is here with you,
at work!

For most people, their minds would go instantly to their family cabin or the town they grew up in, or even their favorite fishing hole – for the majority of people, it isn't easy to consider work a place that feels as good and welcoming as home.


Home to us is not just a place. It is a sense of being.



Writer Annie Dillard famously said, "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." 

One-third of our life is spent at work. If you're not mission-driven and happy with what you are doing that's a lot of life wasted.

Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. Many people struggle to make a living, house and feed their families, or even be accepted. Some of us have even been homeless. Others have lacked that sense of belonging or encouragement that home provides. And regardless of the circumstances, the common denominator is that we all still have to work.

Some of us are privileged to work from the comfort of our own home, but for those who are out here "BUILDING", We've made it our mission to help all people find a sense of home—in their living space, workplace, and personal lives.

Start-up An Intentional Culture that establishes you as a destination employer

With a fresh approach to people and culture, we consult with off-site manufacturing in setting their cultural practices right from the start with proven methods and sound guidance in:



We'll work with you to create a customized culture blueprint for your organization.

Let us show you how to build a team with a culture that will last the test of time.

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It's A Movement!

Did you know that the national average of women in construction is only 11%?

Let's change that!

With labor shortages and housing shortages at an all-time high women taking a bigger percentage of the workforce in construction could be a solution! 

Off-site is a perfect place for women in the industry to grow and thrive.

At Autovol, in Boise, Idaho women hold 30% of that space.


- We think that's awesome!  

Women Off-Site is a group of empowered women pushing the boundaries in modular construction and sharing in the innovation of building a global industry.

Membership connects you to like-minded individuals and unlimited opportunities and provides a way to pay it forward and contribute to growth.


 If you are interested in a career in modular  construction get in touch and let's talk!


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"I started working in the construction industry when I turned twenty-one, I am now fifty-three. I took a few years off to raise my family. But once again, I am working in modular construction and I’m loving it."

- Robin M.

“Family and Friendships are the greatest facilitators of happiness. That’s what was created here.”

– Megan R. 

" In the beginning, I would have never dreamed that this line of work could take me so far and land me my dream job."

 - Linda C.

"I have never worked somewhere I felt so comfortable being at. When we say, a home-like environment we really mean it! My family of Solutioneers!

- Alisha R. 


The Foundation

We're working towards a way to pay it forward for the generations to come. Our Foundation works with Elevate Academy to provide "move-up"

grants for exceptional young women graduating high school who have been underprivileged entering into a construction-related field.

"We are so excited to provide multiple opportunities for our students.

They will find purpose, hope, and gain industry skills and certifications and leave us with confidence, and a concrete plan for their next step in life." 

- Jewels Carpenter, Principal, Elevate Academy. 



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Modular Maven conducts casual interviews with women & men on carefully curated,

compelling, and inspiring topics.

On an industry level, we'll share ingenious home-building methods that transform construction and manufacturing for good.

On a company level, we'll share home-oriented cultures that transform workplaces so that people can be themselves, be valued, and be empowered. 

On a personal level, we'll talk about how people transform hard knocks into personal strength and lift others with the hope and encouragement that any good home base provides.

Join us as we get real, share great tips, spread good vibes, and find encouragement.

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